Marilyn Mansion

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  • November 12, 1998
  • Miami Beach
  • 115lb
  • 5'3"
  • 32D


Yesterday she got dirty, today she is pretty, and Marilyn Mansion ain't a nobody: she's a filthy perverted sex fiend! Marilyn loves kinky sex, loves having her 32D big tits grabbed, and particularly adores having her big ass fucked! One of the beautiful people of the porn industry, her tainted love has carved her quite a niche within the fetish market. If you're into rough and kinky sexy, Marilyn Mansion might be your new favorite pornstar.

Marilyn's depraved mind seemingly has no limits. An orgy addict, Marilyn loves having all of her holes stuffed, preferably all at once. The sexy Latina loves role playing and dress up, and lets her fans vote on social media for the outlandish outfit she'll wear next. Whatever outfit she wears is sure to get destroyed, because no clothing or room escapes unscathed when Marilyn gets worked up!

Sweet dreams are made of Marilyn's scenes! The Miami Beach native loves to move her body, and never was this more apparent than when she got fucked in the back of a rental truck! Having lost her virginity in school, the experience opened a floodgate of sexual urges within Marilyn.The fresh-faced spinner has already performed in some of the naughtiest scenes in porn history, and she's only getting started!

Aliases : Marilyn Mansion

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