Martin Gun

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  • Slovakia
  • 198lb
  • 6'0"


Slovakian heartthrob Martin Gun has been a staple of the booty biz for over a decade. Since 2004, he's dedicated most of his time to directing nasty Euro smut and hot amateur scenes, but even though he's one of the most prolific directors in European porn, Mr. Gun never misses a chance to get his dick wet. He is a man after all, and what better way to score some fine Russian pussy than to cast yourself in hundreds of steamy flicks?

When he isn't jumping from set to set with a camera in one arm and the next European it-girl on the other, Martin likes to escape the fast-paced world of adult entertainment. He heads down to the closest river where he can relax, breath in some fresh air, and cast a line or two. Fishing gives him the opportunity to fantasize about the ways he'll portray all the fine-ass ladies he's pulling back in the city.

The best way to sample the world's finest twat is to travel, and Martin is no stranger to life on the road. This handsome stud is committed to bringing his fans the very best in T and A, so he's constantly jet-setting from Prague to LA, armed with his camera and his massive rod. A worldly gentlemen, Mr. Gun doesn't just pay his ladies to suck his dick, he woos them with his European charm, seducing them into making some of the hottest fuck-films the world has to offer.

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