Mirko Steel

Mirko Steel's details

  • August 5, 1985
  • WY, USA
  • 184lb
  • 5'9"


Athletic heartthrob Mirko Steel is packing some serious heat under his t-shirt. His pecks are cut, his abs are rock hard, and his thick neck is practically bursting out of that blue collar of his. This muscular hunk of man meat is the very picture of the average American working man, except Mr. Steel's main job is bangin' prime pussy on camera. Diligent, rugged, and built like a linebacker, this gorgeous dude has lifted himself up by his boot straps, rolled up his sleeves, and made a name for himself as the next big stud in porn.

Even though Mirko is living it up in Miami, he still refers to himself as a "Wyoming redneck." No matter what the booty biz throws his way, Mr. Steel stays true to his Midwestern upbringing (even when he's balls deep in some XXX all-star pussy!). When he's not tasting the sweetest trim porn has to offer, Mr. Steel likes to get back to his sports-loving roots, indulging in a little rugby, track, hockey, and boxing.

A simple man with simple pleasures, Mirko's sexual tastes are easy to fulfill. He just wants a beautiful woman to get butt naked, suck his dick, and spread her thighs for some passionate fucking. But just because he's happy with one-on-one love-making, doesn't mean this red-blooded buck isn't down to get freaky every once in a while. Mr. Steel describes his ideal woman as the type of gal who'll try anything and go anywhere- the perfect seductress to accompany him on his road to success.

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