Sadie Blair

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  • SC, USA
  • 120lb
  • 5'4"
  • 34A-23-35


When Sadie Blair first came to Hollywood with big dreams and an even bigger libido, she was taken aback by the cool California lifestyle. With all the bikini babes parading around, it was a far cry away from the closed-minded South Carolina town she grew up in. But now that this Southern Belle has arrived and taken in a few of the sexy sights, she has totally let go. Finally, Miss Blair has found a place that allows her the freedom to be her horny self out in the open where everyone can see.

Sadie might be from an ultra-conservative town, but she doesn't let her strict upbringing hold her back. For years, this starlet-in-the-making fantasized about becoming a model, and she wasn't about to let anyone stop her. Taking her future into her own hands, Miss Blair posted some naughty selfies on social media, then sat back and waited for a reply. It didn't take long for her inbox to fill up with offers from agents who were eager to get those perky little titties of hers on camera where they belong!

Sadie's claim to fame is her sweet, innocent Southern vibe, but despite looking like a delicate flower, this petite treat is one tough broad. When she isn't staring down the shaft of a XXX-sized dick, Miss Blair enjoys boxing, lifting weights, and shooting guns, but more than anything, she loves fast cars. For now, this adorable newbie is just posing with her favorite rides, but if she continues sucking cock like she has, she'll soon earn enough to buy herself a whole fleet of hotrods!

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