Marsha May

Marsha May's details

  • January 23, 1995
  • Miami, FL, USA
  • 95lb
  • 4'11"
  • 34C-22-30


From her platinum blonde hair to her petite feet, Marsha May totally embodies the care-free Miami vibe. Born and raised in Florida, this busty firecracker has been soaking up beach culture for years, prepping herself for the type of pornographic lifestyle that so many Miami-based starlets crave. It's no wonder that Miss May's bangin' bikini-bod has become the darling of the pro-am world and the sweetheart of the high-budget sites.

In a tough industry like adult entertainment, a starlet has to have a little something special to give her the extra push, and for Marsha that X-factor is her badgirl status. She may be cute, but this inked hottie is into some pretty serious stuff. Sensual love-making just doesn't cut it. This naughty pervert wants filthy dirty-talk, hardcore anal sex, shocking BDSM, and loads and loads of cum!

Marsha might be one busy pornstar, but that doesn't stop her from indulging in the simple pleasures. When she isn't having her wet pussy railed in a jaw-dropping gangbang, Miss May leads a pretty normal life. She enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends, shopping at the mall, bowling, and going to the movies. As much as she'd like to, Marsha can't go full throttle every minute of every day, so she saves up that energy for when the director calls action and the dicks get hard! That's when she spreads those holes of hers, and goes buck wild like the professional cum-lover that she is!

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