Joel Tomas

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  • Spain
  • 180lb
  • 5'10"


Meet Joel Tomas, the Spanish hardbody Hercules who brandishes a cock the size of a forearm. Being as rugged and handsome as an underwear model, it didn't take long for smut producers to track down Joel in 2014 when he was just 19 years old. "I always wanted to make porn," says Joel, "this is a dream for me." So Joel did what he does best and started wooing every senorita in sight like the sexy Spaniard he is.

It didn't take long for his incredibly beautiful girlfriend, Alexa Tomas, to get jealous of Joel's new career. Tired of sitting around the house and watching Joel have all the fun, Alexa figured "why the hell not?" So she started shooting porn too! Now arguably the hottest couple in porn, Joel and Alexa have shot a ton of sizzling hot scenes together. Fucking with a level of passion and sensuality reserved for those already in love, Joel and Alexa deliver a viewing experience that transcends even the purest of onscreen chemistry.

If it hadn't been for porn, Joel says he would have probably gotten into professional boxing. But despite his rough exterior, Joel is a mild-mannered man who enjoys the little things in life, particularly those found in nature. Living in a secluded house way up in the mountains, Joel enjoys a simple life off the grid where he grows his own vegetables, raises animals, and fucks his goddess of a pornstar girlfriend.

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