Nikky Dream

Nikky Dream's details

  • January 3, 1995
  • Czech Republic
  • 110lb
  • 5'5"


With her fresh young face, Nikky Dream looks like your typical all-American girl-next-door: bright blonde hair, all-natural tits, and a wholesome, innocent smile. But in reality, she's a naughty Slavic slut who lives to fuck and fucks to live. "I am extreme maniac," says Nikki. "I am totally abnormal human. Being romantic is not for me. I need proper action sex for long time; five minute sex can’t satisfy me!" Though her home country of the Czech Republic has been pumping out some of the hardest-fucking babes on Earth, there's something about Nikky that sets her apart; something about the way her perceived innocence betrays everything she represents.

Not even a year on the job and Nikky has already done the impossible: a triple anal scene! That's right - three dicks, one hole. While most starlets would never touch triple anal with a ten foot pole, Nikki Dream signed up without any hesitation. Getting the chance to live out her wildest fantasies in front of the lens is exactly what she's here to do. "My most favorite sexual practice," says Nikki, "is when my lover covers my eyes, chains me, and I don’t know what will happen next..." So check out this lovely teen dream, and see what all the fuss is about!

Aliases : Nikky Dream

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