Aiden Ashley

Aiden Ashley's details

  • October 31, 1990
  • AZ, USA
  • 105lb
  • 5'6"
  • 32C-25-33


Aiden Ashley is like a cult classic. She's got a die-hard fan base that follows her every move, obsesses over every scene, and dedicates massive amounts of bandwidth to stalking this gothic princess online. Strictly saving her pussy for girl-girl scenes, Miss Ashley became a big name in the world of lesbian porn. Identifying as a bisexual in her private life, this rock n' roll starlet brings genuine lady-lust to her performances, applying her expert clit licking techniques, and getting 100% real orgasms every time.

Although Aiden made it big in the lesbian circuit, she still had more to do. So in 2011 this girl-girl goddess signed her on-screen v-card to Axel Braun productions, and took a dick on camera for the first time. Like a true comic book nerd, Miss Ashley was drawn to Axel's super-hero parodies, and saw the contract as an opportunity to engage in some sinful cosplay. She'd always pictured herself as a femme fatale, so it was only natural for her to rock a little leather and latex while sucking some major dick.

But Aiden's badass personality doesn't disappear when the camera turns off. She's just as wild and untamable as she appears to be in her scenes. When Miss Ashley isn't getting her pussy worked over for the benefit of her devoted fans, this raven-haired hottie travels the world with her boyfriend's metal band, getting up to some crazy high jinks along the way. She's even fucked her man while he was on stage, bringing a whole new meaning to the term groupie.

Photos: Jack's Back - Episode 3 photo Jack's Back - Episode 3 photo Jack's Back - Episode 3 photo Jack's Back - Episode 3 photo

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