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  • 110lb
  • 5'3"


Sandy Fantasy is another glamourous European heartthrob whose sizzling hot accent is all she needs to seduce any man she wants. And with her endless legs to seal the deal, Sandy is a top-down rocket whose smooth pale skin and golden blonde hair will lock up your cock for many years to come. Born in 1976 and fucking full-time since '98, Sandy is one of the most veteran sluts at Digital Playground. So buckle up and get ready to witness one of the horniest Hungarian MILFs to ever hit the scene.

After discovering she was petrified of heights, Sandy's teen dream of becoming a flight attendant was good as gone. But once she blossomed into a lovely swan, well, you could say Sandy was blessed with a couple more life options, up to and including hardcore on-camera fisting!

With a penchant for boobs and a sucker for eating pussy, Sandy's been a horny little tribber for as long as she can remember. Not opposed to slipping and sliding with every pussy she sees, Sandy's bared it all over 140 hair-raising scenes. So if you think you might be into cunnilingus connoisseurs who pretty much wrote the manual on how to make chicks cum, then check out Sandy Fantasy right here on Digital Playground, and learn the tricks before your girlfriend does!

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