Sadie Santana

Sadie Santana's details

  • May 20, 1991
  • New Orleans, LA, USA
  • 125lb
  • 5'10"
  • 34C-24-34


Meet Sadia Santana, the pornstar who promised to blow the entire Lakers' basketball team if they can manage a winning season. Born in party-town New Orleans, this Louisiana firecracker stands at 5'10" and ends marriages every time she uncrosses her lusciously long legs. Blending an exotic mix of French, Spanish, and Native American genes, Sadie is a mocha-colored vixen who's as sexually charged as she is unique. Now running for season 2 of the much anticipated DP Star, Sadie is ready to show those judges what super-sluts are made of!

A nerd growing up, Sadie was the tall and skinny awkward chick who spent most days eating alone. But underneath her shy exterior was a nasty little minx just waiting to bust free. Fast forward a couple years and Sadie is a runway model with perfect tits and a big bouncing booty. Blossoming into a beautiful swan, Sadie has gone from lunchtime loner to being one of the most sought after performers in the adult industry today.

Trying anal for the first time the day after she lost her virginity, Sadie has been a full blown nympho ever since. Never holding back, this giggly senorita says her biggest fantasy is to be part of a legendary gangbang. "I would like 12 gladiator-type men to take me," says Sadie. "Little ol’ me with a cock in each hand, every hole, all over my body." When she's not getting her tushie stuffed to capacity, Sadie enjoys taking long hikes, watching movies in bed, and chilling out on the beach. So check out this sexy mamacita, because she's one spicy whirl of sultry sexuality.

Photos: Season 2 - Auditions Part 5 photo Season 2 - Auditions Part 5 photo Season 2 - Auditions Part 5 photo Season 2 - Auditions Part 5 photo

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