Lylith Lavey

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  • October 17, 1987
  • Schuylkill Haven, PA, USA
  • 118lb
  • 5'5"
  • 32H-30-37


You know you're getting into bed with a sexual deviant when she's named after a mythical succubus and the author of the Satanic Bible! Devilish as they come, Lylith Lavey is a naughty little cum-queen with tits so huge they compose half her total body weight. With jet-black hair, alluring brown eyes, and ruby-red lips, Lylith is one steamy hot package.

Born in nowheresville, Pennsylvania, Lylith has been shaking those tits in and out of trouble ever since she was a teen. Inevitably getting into pole dancing, it wasn't long before Lylith became the highest grossing stripper in town. Soon upgrading to nude modelling, the porn offers started pouring in, and Lylith got her first onscreen action in 2010.

With over 100 skin flicks under her belt and no sign of slowing down, Lylith will keep up the pussy gymnastics for years to come. From pole-dancing to hoola-hooping to fire-spinning and burlesque, if there's a new way to shake your ass, there's a good chance Lylith's doing it. Hoping to one day live out her ultimate fantasy, involving three flat-chested Asian schoolgirls tied to trees during a hail storm, Lylith will continue to blow our minds one mouth-watering scene at a time.

Aliases : Lylith Lavey

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