Chris Diamond

Chris Diamond's details

  • May 3, 1991
  • Spain
  • 149lb
  • 5'8"


A typical day for Chris Diamond starts with a big greasy breakfast to charge up his batteries. Next, it's on to the set where he gets down and dirty with Spain's hottest women. After the work day's done, he's off for a quick drive in his convertible, and before heading downtown for a wild night at the club. When it's all over, Chris climbs into his king-sized bed with a few ladies, and sleeps the sleep of a man who wants for nothing. Who could ask for anything more?

So how does a simple guy from Seville get a life that any man would kill for? The answer is annoyingly simple: Chris had the right connections. This handsome hunk had the pleasure of meeting Nacho Vidal, who encouraged him to try his hand (and his cock) at hardcore pornography. It seems like Mr. Vidal has been working over-time to bolster Spain's porn scene, and if he keeps recruiting hotties like Chris, British and American cocks are going to have a real run for their money.

When it comes to his on-screen game, Mr. Diamond's skill is unparalleled. He's got a badboy attitude and a dominant style, but instead of taking the easy route, this gorgeous guy wants a challenge. He prefers strong confident women, like Mercedes Carrera and Kayla Green, who take no guff and are no stranger to giving orders. Because of his penchant for sexy doms, Chris's scenes are like the clash of the titans with two intense forces of raw fucking energy facing off to blow your porn-loving mind!

Aliases : Chris Diamond

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