Sonny Nash

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  • 155lb
  • 5'11"


At the 2012 Masturbate-a-thon in San Francisco, Sonny Nash not only changed his life, he changed the world! Breaking the previous world record by twelve minutes, this handsome hunk jerked it for a whopping ten hours and ten minutes! Just think about what a dude with that kind of stamina can accomplish when you pit him against some of the finest women in adult entertainment. The possibilities are endless, and with the help of Digital Playground, this gorgeous guy could make porn history!

Long before he became one of the hottest faces in town, Sonny ate, slept, and breathed soccer. In another life he could have been a pro-sports star, but his passion for pussy steered him in a sexy direction. But even though Mr. Nash has gone the naughty route, he still takes the time to maintain his sculpted athletic form. A devoted body builder, this burgeoning beef-cake hits the gym five times a week, focusing on two muscle groups a day to keep his body tough and toned.

Back in his soccer days, his teammates called him "The Joker," because like the wild card, this handsome hunk can play any position, and the same is true in the bedroom! No matter what play a director throws his way, Sonny is up for the challenge. He's open-minded and daring, making him perfect for the kind of intense scenes Digital Playground shoots. Mr. Nash has everything going for him, and he's sure to be around for a while, so hold onto your hats, because there are a whole lot of ladies out there about to get fucked by this high-energy hottie!

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