Potro Bilbao

Potro Bilbao's details

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 180lb
  • 5'10"


With his designer clothes, love of football, and smooth Spanish accent, Potro Bilbao is the ultimate Euro stud. Whether he's banging the continent's finest broads, chillin' with his bros, or racing down the motorway on his crotch rocket, this handsome hunk always represents his Barcelona pride. He came from Spain, he lives in Spain, and there will always be Spanish blood keeping him hard as a rock and ready to fuck!

Even though the tattoo above his sexy Adonis belt reads, "Puro Vicio" (Pure Pleasure), Portro is so much more than a simple pussy-pleaser. Beneath all that macho posturing and Latin flare lies a sensitive man and a true animal lover. When he's not modelling underwear or muff-diving on camera, this handsome man spends time with his bull dogs. They mean a lot to him, but aside from being man's best friend, these puppies are absolute pussy magnets, making all the gals go, "awwww," and leading them right to Potro's impressive wang.

Nacho Vidal, Toni Ribas, and Marco Banderas might have paved the way for Spanish studs to follow, but it's fresh-faced bloaks like Potro who are reminding the world that Spaniards are the OG Latin Lovers. There's just something about that country that breeds passionate fuckers with swingin' dongs who have the skill and the no-how to get any woman wet and weak in the knees. Still new to the industry, Potro doesn't have a name like Vidal, but the Spanish porn community is famous for the way they support each other, and with the help of his fellowship of intrepid porn heros, Mr. Bilbao will surely take on the world!

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