Alice Lighthouse

Alice Lighthouse's details

  • November 30, 1996
  • Miami, FL, USA
  • 115lb
  • 5'3"
  • 32D-24-36


While other gals spend those hard-earned porn dollars on beach vacations, Alice Lighthouse prefers hitting the mountains so she can cozy up by the fire. Imagine coming off the slopes and entering the chalet to find this curvaceous babe in leggings and a tight sweater, ready to warm you up with some passionate love-making on a bear-skin rug. You'd never complain about the weather again with this cute ski-bunny as your snow angel!

If you think Miss Lighthouse looks fine as hell in winter-wear, check her out in a swimsuit! Her big naturals and shapely booty can barely be contained, making her itsy-bitsy bikini work overtime. Known for her 100% real body, Alice has the kind of curves that ladies would pay thousands for. Blessed with the perfect body, this sweet brunette is sure to go far in this business, and with her drive and talent, who knows what she can accomplish!

More than just a hot bod, Alice blows the competition out of the water with her intense submissive style. This lovely lady likes it rough, so if the scene calls for a dirty gal who's into biting, scratching, and choking, then Alice is there in a heartbeat. The way she sees it, being a sub lets her get lost in the passion, totally trust another human being, and try things she'd never imagined. For her, it's more than rough sex. It's a chance to learn something about herself, and grow into the sexual firecracker she was always meant to be.

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