Small Hands

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  • June 14, 2016
  • 160lb
  • 5'10"


Covered from head to toe in tattoos, Small Hands is the very definition of a hardcore punk, and he's turning the world of adult entertainment upside down with his rock n' roll vibe. When this horny hooligan first stepped foot on the XXX scene, viewers didn't know how to deal with his alt style, but now that they've witnessed his high-energy fuckery, they have no choice but to accept him.

When he's not reigning over the world of alt porn or raging against the mainstream, Small Hands tours the world with his band, living every punk's dream. This handsome hunk is always on the road, stopping in every town from LA to New York to rock out with his cock out. Ladies line up to taste his famous travelling wang, but who needs groupies when you've got your choice of the hottest women in porn? Not Small Hands! He's saving himself for the very best!

This devious dude doesn't look like your average adult superstar, but with his joker personality and expert dick-wielding skills, he measures up to the best of them. Small Hands has proved to millions of loyal fans that size really doesn't matter if you've got the charm and charisma to back it up. Always the first to laugh at himself, this gorgeous guy has taken the thing he is most self-conscious about and made it his stage name, flaunting his small hands in the face of those that would dare make fun of him. And it's not like those tiny mitts are good for nothing. Slender digits sure come in handy when fingering all the tight teen pussy he gets on the regular! So, who's laughing now, the big oaf at the gym with an attitude problem, or the little guy enjoying the finest T and A the world has to offer?

Aliases : Small Hands

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