Sami J

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  • January 18, 1975
  • Neath, UK
  • 106lb
  • 5'4"
  • 32C-24-32


Platinum blonde Sami J is a MILF extraordinaire from England who's seen more dicks than a urology professor. When she's not sliding those big fake titties up and down every cock in town, she's nose-diving all sorts of hot young pussy. Born in 1975, Sami's been fucking for many a moon and my oh my, does it ever show! This dirty dame has the sexual prowess of an entire brothel and eats vag like she's earned her black-belt in fuckwondo. So have a seat and take your number, because the lessons are about to begin!

As a longtime host on Playboy TV, Sami was never far from the action. Constantly being surrounded by some of the most beautiful naked women in the world, Sami couldn’t help but wonder what life was like on the other side. Wondering gave way to dreaming, dreaming gave way to lusting, and lusting gave way to Sami's gradual evolution into a bisexual fuck-machine. Sami started out with a few lingerie shoots, and before you knew it, she was ripping those pretty pink panties off once and for all, booking a one-way ticket to Porn Valley. That was in 2000, which means Sami has been spreading her legs on camera for so long she's one of the most veteran porn stars still filming today.

With a preference for girl-on-girl, Sami has butted vaginas with some of the sexiest starlets around, like the legendary Mia Malkova. When she's not scissoring sizzling hotties, Sami loves eating sweets while jamming out to 80s music. She may be a dom on the outside, but once she's curled up in a blanket at home, she's as gentle and serene as they come.

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