Luke Hotrod

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  • UK
  • 170lb
  • 5'10"


An award winning guitarist, Luke Hotrod has traveled the world with some of Europe and America's hottest musical acts, but no matter who he’s playing for, he has always preferred to stay out of the spotlight. So how does a quiet back-up guitar player from Newcastle become a porno god? In 2013, a photographer snapped a picture of this handsome stud with his instrument bent over his knee, fingering the strings with tender expertise, and looking like every woman's dream guy. Later that year, a porno director was in search of an extra who could play the guitar and that same photographer passed him the photo of Mr. Hotrod lookin’ fine. The next day Luke found himself on a XXX set, plucking away at his guitar while the dreamy eyed female talent watched in horny amazement. She was so turned on by Luke's smooth soulful artistry that she begged the director to let him take part in the main event.

This rugged tattooed Brit is rarely seen without a collared shirt and bow tie, making his cool personal style a coveted rarity in adult entertainment. Maybe it's his rock-a-billy look. Maybe it's the fact that no woman can resist a musician. Whatever it is, Luke is definitely a hot commodity in the eyes of ladies everywhere. Lately he's been having trouble keeping his eager fans at bay, but like a gentlemen he promises to please every last one of them, even if it takes him well into his twilight years.

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