Freddy Fox

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  • June 22, 2016
  • 200lb
  • 5'10"


Freddy Fox is the strong silent type who's not one to stick his dick where it doesn't belong, keeping a safe distance from the drama of Porn Valley, and only tapping in when it's absolutely necessary. He's a man of rules and regulations, keeping order on set like a boss, and making sure those giggly teens and wayward MILFs stay in line. But even though he's a staunch no-nonsense kind of guy, no man can resist the allure of a lusty bodacious babe, especially when they're of the Latina variety. Freddy has one hell of a soft spot for fiery Senoritas with big beautiful booties and long shapely legs. His stern face and perpetually crossed muscular arms might give the impression that he's stone cold, but when it comes to sexy Spanish sluts, this hardass dude softens right up.

Freddy's strong stoic demeanor is the result of a traditional British upbringing. Taught to keep a stiff upper lip, Freddy never talks about his emotions, but when confronted with a saucy Latina mistress this handsome hunk isn't afraid to say what he wants. No deed is too dirty for Mr. Fox, and you'll never catch him blushing at the sound of a naughty word. He's straight up with his requests, making sure his lovers know exactly how he likes it, so if you're into ladies taking direction from a real man's man, then check out this English bloke's raunchy repertoire today!

Aliases : Freddy Fox

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