Staci Carr

Staci Carr's details

  • October 25, 1992
  • Minnesota, CA, USA
  • 110lb
  • 5'3"
  • 32B-26-36


One of the most naturally gorgeous gals to enter the porn game in some time, Staci Carr's the type of stunning starlet whose pretty face alone is enough to get you rock hard. Add her petite frame, supple little tits, and perfectly perky booty to the mix, and you'll be close to cumming just watching her take her clothes off. So you can just imagine what it's like when she starts acting naughty... well, let's just say you're in for a real treat!

Born and raised in a conservative household in the Midwest, Staci was never the type to sleep around when she was younger. Sure, she occasionally hooked up with other chicks, but for someone this foxy and flirty, that's only natural! Yet, despite being relatively sexually inexperienced, this naughty hottie knew she had some unexplored desires, which is why she started stripping for a webcamming site. Lucky for Miss Carr, her deep love of being on camera was crystal clear from there! Embracing her inner exhibitionist, Staci began shooting the kind of sizzling, organic girl-on-girl scenes that'll make your hair stand on end and your cock stand at attention. And while we absolutely adore watching this blonde bombshell getting frisky with other pretty ladies, there's nothing quite like watching her piercing blue eyes open wide as she gets her tight pussy pounded by a big hard cock!

Along with being arguably the most beautiful fresh face in the biz, Staci's become known for her genuine unbridled enthusiasm on screen and ability to have multiple orgasms. In her own words: "I can cum so many times! And every time it's real, it's genuine, and it's intense." So to see this world-class babe be overwhelmed with ecstasy, do yourself a favor and check out Staci Carr below!

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