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  • June 22, 2016
  • 180lb
  • 6'0"


Lately it seems like the British blokes have been taking over the porn scene, with the likes of Keiran Lee and Danny D leading the way with their long strong dongs. If there's something in the water that makes English cock so large and in charge, then Axel Aces has sure been drinking it. His huge rod is just another addition to the team of massive penises that are taking the world's pussy by storm, and driving the British flag pole deeper into Porn Valley's soil.

Since his very first shoot, this strapping stud has been totally caught up in the pornstar lifestyle, and he's taken things to the next level by wifing up his very own sexy celebrity. Axel and Vyxen Steel married in 2012, and ever since they said their vows, this kinky couple has been travelling the world, shooting porn and getting into trouble everywhere they go. There's never a dull moment in this marriage, as these two lusty lovers can't keep their hands off of each other. How anything gets done in their household is a mystery with all the constant fucking and persistent sucking that's going on.

Every night Axel makes sure he's completed the three Ps of a wild and erotic life: penetration, pussy, and partying. Whether he's getting blown in the back of a limo, diving into some prime pussy, or screaming obscenities from a roof top, this tattooed wonder squeezes every last drop of fun out of life. His philosophy: you might as well spend your days crowd surfing and muff diving, 'cause you never know when you're gonna go!

Aliases : Axel Aces

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