Dru Hermes

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  • 200lb
  • 6'0"


The kiss tattoos on Dru Hermes's chest say it all. He is one hell of a ladies' man! With each new erotic encounter, this strapping stud has practically whittled his bed post down to a matchstick as he earns new notches almost every single day. His secret: you've got to be sweet and sensual. That's it! Dru might be a chiseled hunk with romantic eyes, but it's his gentlemanly approach to dating that has won him the list of gorgeous conquests he has today!

Born and raised in the UK, Dru has that electrifying British accent that slays American pussy with ease. It's no wonder the English dicks seem to be taking over the US's porn market, as the likes of Keiran Lee and Danny D lead the way for an army of buff blokes. These fellas have massive dicks pulsating beneath their jeans, and Mr. Hermes's big black cock is no exception. Its elegant curve and impressive girth tickle all the right spots, bringing the ladies to climax, and putting on a show that even the most discerning XXX connoisseurs can't resist watching.

But of course there's so much more to being a top-dog in the booty biz that having a big penis. You've got to be a smooth talker, an expert muff diver if you want to get down with some of the finest honeys in the world, and Dru definitely has the suave and courteous thing going for him. His gentlemanly ways and firm but tender touch have put him at the top of every adult actress's bucket list, earning him more offers than he can keep track of.

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