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  • 170lb
  • 5'10"


Dean Van Damme got his start in porn after sending an application to a website as a joke. He never expected to get a response, but just seconds after clicking send, he received an email telling him he's got what it takes to be one of the most successful cocks in the booty biz. A few days later he found himself naked on set, hard and ready to put his stamina to the test. How long did this burly bloke last before the money shot? Dean surprised everyone, even the industry vets in the room, with a fuck fest that lasted for hours without any breaks!

But is his endurance really all that shocking when you take his massive muscles and chiseled penis V into account? With shoulders so broad they block out the sun, and thighs as big as most of the women's waists, of course Dean can keep thrusting for as long as a pussy can take him. His hipster beard, vintage tattoos, and top-heavy stature, make this handsome hunk look like he stepped right out of a circus, wearing a unitard and waxed mustache. But he doesn't just look like a strongman, Dean is a real life powerlifter, travelling the world to hoist any heavy object you can throw his way.

Before porn, this leading lad had no idea that there even was an adult industry in the UK, but as soon as he put himself out there, he was picked up and put all over the steamy screen. Since his 2011 debut, this hard-bodied stud has become a sensation in Europe, acting, directing, and filming his very own sexy smut. He may be huge in England, but he's only now bringing that infamous cock across the pond to the shores of porn valley, where Digital Playground has welcomed him with open arms and wet pussies.

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