Samantha Hayes

Samantha Hayes' details

  • November 28, 1995
  • USA
  • 114lb
  • 5'7"
  • 32C-24-34


An almost mythical beauty, Samantha Hayes has stepped right out of a priceless Renaissance painting to fulfill your every desire. With her smooth ivory skin and mysterious eyes, she looks like an otherworldly apparition leading men astray with her powers of seduction. This stunning nature lover is perfectly at home frolicking through a field like a wood nymph, or splashing in a babbling brook like playful pixie. Thanks to Samantha, men can stop using their imaginations to access their favorite whimsical wet dream, and start jerking it to the real deal, as Digital Playground teams up with this seductive siren to bring your naughty fairy-tale fantasies to life.

Samantha might look like she was dressed by birdies and chipmunks, but she's a lot dirtier than any story-book princess. Instead of chaste glances and glass slippers, this slutty sex-kitten tempts her suitors with hardcore kink. Picture Cinderella all bound up in bondage and you've got Samantha, who just loves the way the ropes leave red marks that remind her of all the trouble she's got herself in to. Defying all expectations with her filthy tendencies, this gorgeous gal has made a name for herself as the perfect pairing of the sweet and sinful. Still a fresh face in adult entertainment, Samantha has already starred in hits for Babes and Wicked Pictures, and DP is so excited to join in the fun!

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