Lila Rose

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  • March 9, 1994
  • Arizona
  • 55lb
  • 4'7"


Lila Rose is the type of horny hottie you meet at a political protest who turns out to be even more radical and rambunctious in the sack than she is in the street. A bootilicious blonde with gorgeous green eyes, a sexy slim frame, and adorably petite and perky tits, Lila is all for fighting the good fight. And in Miss Rose's case, her number one cause happens to be fighting for her right to fuck on film!

Passionate about more than just getting pounded (although, don't get us wrong, she's extremely passionate about that too), Lila Rose's primary reason for getting into porn was to help change the way people view the adult film industry. Tired of the stigmas surrounding sex on screen, this horny hottie's mission is to break down barriers surrounding human sexuality, one pants-tightening porno at a time. And we can confirm that after seeing the way she handles riding big fat cocks on camera, you're sure to feel enlightened. Her determination and dirty mind are so impressive, in fact, that she even made it to the top 30 of our very own adult model search contest, DP Star!

An arousing activist who just wants to make the world a better, sexier place, Lila Rose is also pursuing a Political Science degree. And as if she's not already adorably nerdy enough, this cock-hungry co-ed loves appreciating and drawing anime in her spare time. So for an ass-tastic aspiring porn star who's as impassioned as she is erotic, keep an eye out for Lila Rose!


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