Amber Chase

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  • August 31, 1975
  • California, USA
  • 63lb
  • 5'3"


When it comes to aspiring porn stars, Amber Chase is one eager beaver. Originally from Portland, this cock-hungry cutie's sexy selfies earned her an internet fan base before her confidence and charisma brought her to LA to compete in our very own adult model search contest, DP Star. And of course, her pouty face, fit figure, and signature pig tails didn't hurt either!

"I never thought I would be here today when I first started sharing my naughty pictures on the internet!" Amber gushed during a DP Star interview. As humble as she is horny, this porn-loving princess simply wanted to see how fellow online pervs would react. To her delight, her followers grew with each photo set, and the positive feedback was so titillating she couldn't resist transitioning to video! And since her success on social media brought her to the steps of Digital Playground, Miss Chase has gone on to make quite the cum-inducing porn career for herself, doing everything from lusty lesbian lickfests to hot and heavy anal scenes.

Naturally sexy and in shape, Amber's athletic build gives her the stamina to fuck for days. The type of gal who was both a jock and an AV club nerd in high school, she's also extremely artistic and even earned a BA in Art History with a minor in Studio Arts before getting into porn. Actually, part of her DP Star audition involved a finger painting she'd made of a butterfly-looking vagina... Now that's one freaky art chick! So treat yourself to some Amber Chase, because it's not every day you find a lady so pervy she paints pussies!


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