Alex Jones

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  • 150lb
  • 5'10"


Alex Jones always knew he was destined for porn. With his surging virility, and sculpted physique, it would be a shame to waste such gorgeous gifts. An Adonis of a man, this sexy stud, stands tall at 6'5, packs a set of rock hard abs, and boasts the coveted V muscle that points ladies in the right direction, getting them up close and personal with his swinging cock. This dude's dick is so epic it can barely fit in his tight boxer briefs, and is known to make an appearance as a thick bulge in his jeans. Women can't help but stare, and Alex welcomes the attention, enticing the ladies even further with smooth talking exotic charm.

This hot hot hunk has been garnering massive amounts of attention for his pussy licking skills, his long and strong dong, and his masterful talents of seduction. He's put it all to the test on film, making smoldering scenes for Brazzers, Wicked, Babes and Digital Playground, earning himself a loyal following of wanton women, eager to feel the touch of his big firm hands that have been making ladies squeal and shiver since his porn debut in 2012.

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