Codi Lewis

Codi Lewis' details

  • December 17, 1993
  • 175lb
  • 5'11"


Codi Lewis is the kind of personal trainer whose clients all fantasize about what it would be like to fuck him. With his beautifully sculpted physique, rippling abs, and piercing blue eyes, he's certainly got no problem making ladies sweat! But unlike most other personal trainers, to find out just how hot this Ukrainian stud is in the sack, you can simply watch his unbelievably steamy sex tapes!

Codi's got two main passions in life: pumping iron and getting pussy. So although he loves helping sexy ladies stay in shape, this horny hunk sought out to find a way he could give them a more erotic workout as well. And when you dream of working up a sweat between the sheets with cum-thirsty cuties, what could be better than a career in porn?! Though he just got his start in 2014, Lewis has already gained a loyal following for his broad chest, bulging muscles, and, of course, his mighty big dick. And with all the practice he's had pushing people to their limits, you can count on him to make sure his leading ladies give him their absolute best!

Not only does Codi have the kind of statuesque bod and devilishly handsome face that could make any woman swoon, but he's also able to talk dirty in multiple languages. Hailing from the Ukraine, he's able to speak Ukrainian, Russian, and English, so if his looks alone don't get a hottie hungry for his cock, his exotic air definitely will. There's nothing better than seeing a sultry starlet getting hot and heavy with a dude she's been dreaming of fucking, so do yourself a favor and check out Codi Lewis's sizzling scenes today!

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