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  • USA
  • 100lb
  • 5'3"


There's one hell of a dirty mind behind Kayla West's sultry green eyes. This beautiful brunette's head was full of sexy, sensual fantasies way before she performed her first steamy scene. Thank you, Digital Playground, for luring them out of her, making her devilish dreams come true, and bringing her spectacular body to the adult screen. Fans can't help but become mesmerized by the rhythmic bouncing of her natural double D's as she straddles cock and rides it like the freak she is.

When she's not showing of the glorious gifts Mother Nature gave her, this lovely lady is building up strength by slipping into a climbing harness and scaling rock walls. She can also be spotted strutting her stuff on the sidewalk while she takes her puppies out for a stroll. Sure Kayla has hobbies, but at the end of the day all she wants to do is pleasure herself in front of her webcam. When it comes down to it, this gorgeous gal is completely dedicated to becoming the best porn star she can be and satisfying all her fans' Kayla-cravings. You'd be a fool not to appreciate the erotic effort that goes into every steamy scene this dirty-minded dame does.


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