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  • 195lb
  • 6'3"


There are very few things that Jamie Stone likes more than fucking. Luckily, he's very, very good at fucking. Known for his hung, thick, veiny cock with a slight curve, the appropriately-named Mr. Stone has made quite a name for himself in a very short period of time. He's knocked boots with the hottest women (sometimes at the same time) and has traveled the world slinging his dick to the highest and hottest bidders. Of course, just because this hard-bodied baller is one of the planet's best pro-fuckers doesn't mean Jamie Stone is without his other talents, some of which might even surprise you!

Born in Iowa City, Jamie is a true man's man. A gear-head through-and-through, when he's not allowing some horny hussy to ride his powerful man meat, Jamie can often be found pounding the street, either on one of his motorcycles or in an Italian supercar. It depends on the day and his mood. But that's not the only heavy metal Jamie pushes around. Committing himself to a hardcore, unflinching physical fitness program, Jamie is a dedicated gym rat. He's made gains so serious in the past few years, even his weightlifting idols would blush in disbelief! He's so dedicated to getting ripped (or "getting stoned" as he calls it), he's even willing to help out fans achieve their own goals via tips on his hugely popular social media channels.

Jamie brings that same level of intensity to everything he does, whether it's building his body to peak perfection or even learning how to sew (one of his newest talents). It's his drive that led him to being nominated for a Best Male Cam Model of the Year award, and what will undoubtedly push him into several industry halls of fame in the years to come.

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