Keni Styles

Keni Styles' details

  • May 27, 1981
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • 160lb
  • 5'9"


Keni Styles is a British actor of Thai origin. Styles has been active in pornographic movies since August 2006. He is noted as being the first major heterosexual Asian porn actor to be honored by the western mainstream adult film industry. Keni Styles has received international recognition with Adult Film Awards in Britain, Europe and the United States. Most notable being his AVN Awards nominations for Best Male Newcomer in 2009 and Best Actor in 2010 at the prestigious annual 'Porn Oscars' show in Las Vegas. Prior to working in Adult films, Styles served 7 years in the British Army as a physical training instructor and Infantry section commander. Styles was a Boxer for 13 years competing and winning titles at all levels from School Boys, Junior and Senior ABA Regional, National and International levels. Styles was the British Army Welter Weight (67kg) Boxing Champion from 2001-2006 and heralds Boxing vests for Club, County, British Army, Tri-Services and Great Britain.

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