Amanda Tate

Amanda Tate's details

  • October 7, 1990
  • NC, USA
  • 125lb
  • 5'8"
  • 32B-29-34


"Silly, sinful and sweet," is how this all-American beauty describes herself, but you might as well add sporty, surprising and sexy to that list. Amanda Tate may possess that perfect innocent look, but this blonde bombshell is so much more than the giggly pink princess she is on set.

Amanda can usually be found doing squats and sit-ups at the gym, working hard with her trainer to maintain her tight and slender body. Her workout also consists of a trip to the yoga studio, where her long and slender legs squeeze ever so nicely into a pair of pink yoga pants. All that stretching, meditating and deep breathing have helped Amanda develop the calm peaceful attitude and flexible moves that she uses every time she meets a man on screen.

This giggly good girl from Salt Lake City may look pure and virtuous, but she's also got a kinky side, dabbling in cosplay and living out her geekiest fantasies. Because she designs her own sexy super hero get-ups she has total control over just how revealing they are. In her eyes, there's no limit to the shortness of a skirt, the thinness of a g-string, or how ultra high her heels can be. Amanda is a pro in stilettos, seducing any foot worshiper who comes across those small smooth feet that she slips so effortlessly in and out of shoes. Whether she's dressing pretty in pink, sexy in spandex or hot in heels, Amanda proves that she's got a little something up her skirt for everyone.

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