Sophia Fiore

Sophia Fiore's details

  • May 22, 1991
  • USA
  • 140lb
  • 5'10"
  • 36C-25-40


Step into the ring to face this statuesque seductress with the strength and veracity of a thousand porn stars. Sophia Fiore's body is the result of intense regular training, and frequent visits to the fitness center. If this sexy seducer could live at the gym she would, seeing as she's already indulged in all the other activities normally reserved for the privacy of a bedroom. Filming steamy scenes on the work out bench for Digital Playground was a dream come true, fulfilling her fantasies and grueling exercise routine at the same time.

When she's not shooting, Sofia is focusing all her attention on toning her muscles, stretching out her smooth skin, and building strength for her next match in the bedroom. Sex is a battle for this bodacious babe, and her biggest turn-on is a man who can challenge her. She doesn't stand for wusses, and brushes aside all men that don't live up to her high expectations. No one gets between her thighs unless they can do a minimum of 50 push-ups, and that goes for gals too: Spicy Sophia is sent into a frenzy by strong women who can match her magnificent muscles and erotic energy.

When faced with wimps, Sophia stands her ground, making them quiver in her shapely shadow. She prefers strong, confident, alpha guys and gals, but don't worry if you're on the leaner side, this bodacious babe has a varied racy resume on display at Digital Playgrounds to accommodate all kinds. Challenge yourself with this tantalizing tease’s sweaty scenes, not meant for the faint of heart.

Photos: Gym Angels - Episode 3 - New Gym photo Gym Angels - Episode 3 - New Gym photo Gym Angels - Episode 3 - New Gym photo Gym Angels - Episode 3 - New Gym photo

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