Giovanni Francesco

Giovanni Francesco's details

  • February 13, 1984
  • 200lb
  • 6'2"


With a name like Giovanni Francesco, what you see is what you get. Tall, dark and handsome. The strong, silent type. He's your archetypal Italian Stallion, engineered for her pleasure. This bare-chested, 6'2 stud is 200 pounds of rock hard muscle and looks like he climbed right out of a cologne advertisement. His debonair charm make Giovanni one of the most handsome, sought after porn stars to date. He also has a thick veiny rod that makes his co-stars go wild. He's got it all; he's every gal's fantasy.

Highly trained in Martial arts, Giovanni often finds himself in roles that require complex choreography and robust fighting skills. He's built an unmatched reputation in the genre of action-pornos and has starred in multiple big budget films. Whether he's rescuing a desperate teen from the evil Joker in "Batman v. Superman XXX" or defeating his enemies in "Man of Steel XXX," rest assured, Giovanni always gets a hot wet prize.

Giovanni entered the porn game a little later than most. His first cameo was in 2011 at age 27. But once he got started, he hasn't slowed. He's been swinging his dick big leagues style ever since, starring in over 80 titles and likely inseminating more women than Genghis Khan. His hard work and talent has earned him two AVN nominations for "Best Boy/Girl Scene" and "Best Male Newcomer," and in 2012 he won an XRCO award for "New Stud." Keep Giovanni on your radar, because he's as smooth an operator as they come.

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