Barry Scott

Barry Scott's details

  • November 8, 1972
  • USA
  • 160lb
  • 5'8"


With his bulging muscles, shaved head, and countless tattoos, Barry Scott looks like the kind of dude you really don't want to cross. Lucky for you though, this bulky bro is definitely more of a lover than a fighter. But thanks to his strapping good looks and tough guy demeanor, Barry's got no shortage of lovers begging to wrestle him between the sheets!

As a deeply spiritual man who regularly practices yoga and meditation, Scott's always believed that people should follow their dreams. And after quite a bit of soul searching, this badass hunk discovered that his own dream was to join the porn industry! Relocating to America's porn capital, Los Angeles, he made his pornographic debut in 2004 and has been servicing sexy babes on screen ever since. A master of foreplay, Barry especially loves to get gals revved up by 69ing before giving them a good hard pounding with his big strong cock. And from the praises he gets from his female fans and leading ladies alike, it's easy to see that a steamy session with Barry always hits the spot!

Considering how artfully this seasoned cocksman wields his shaft, it's no surprise that he's actually an artist himself: a tattoo artist, to be exact. When he's not busy fucking hot broads on film, Barry can be found inking up customers with tatts as badass as his own. Whether he's in the shop or on a porn set, Barry Scott always leaves his mark, so don't miss his searing hot scenes right here on Digital Playground!

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