Ivana Sugar

Ivana Sugar's details

  • February 26, 1992
  • Ukraine
  • 121lb
  • 5'4"
  • 32B-23-32


There's so much more to Ivana Sugar than meets the eye. Sure, she's got an elegant little body and a beautiful set of mischievous eyes, but what makes this stunning Ukrainian stand out is her rich and developed mind. When she isn't getting boned by Europe's thickest and meanest dicks, Ivana studies multi-media, literature, and psychology. She likes to keep her brain keen and her pussy pristine, so she exercises both on a daily basis.

Between all that fucking and studying, Ivana keeps herself very busy. That's why it's so important to her to stick to a routine. This fit blonde is awake and at the gym every day at 6 am. She's often the only person there at sunrise, but that doesn't bother her. She's there to tone her muscles, center herself, and prepare for a day of intense hardcore sex, not flirt with a bunch of gym rats.

Ivana is not in this business for fun and flirting (though the fucking is definitely a plus). She's here to make it to the top of porn mountain where she can get a good view of her name written in the stars. This athletic cutie is a pretty big deal in Eastern Europe, but Miss Sugar has her heart set on international fame. She's already been nominated for an AVN, and if she keeps up the good work, Ivana will be a global superstar in no time!

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