Tristyn Kennedy.

Tristyn Kennedy.'s details

  • January 18, 1992
  • Memphis, TN, USA
  • 112lb
  • 5'5"
  • 34D-24-35


Tristyn Kennedy is the best kind of southern gal: sweet, smooth, and absolutely insatiable. Born in Memphis, Tristyn was brought up in a conservative home, one she escaped the minute she was old enough. That's when she truly felt free enough to explore her sexual awakening.

Realizing throughout her time in school that she was the focal point of adoration by most of the student body, Tristyn knew she could make it big as an exotic dancer. That's why, on the same night she turned 18, she started stripping at a local club. Not even six months later, after a regular customer made overtures about her entering the business, she made the transition to porn, and immediately blew up the industry.

Since that fateful night, Tristyn has appeared in many of the most popular films to hit the market, and has proven her versatility as a performer with a host of hot scenes. When she isn't rocking a cock, or a pole at a club, Tristyn can mostly be found shopping. "I live to shop!" she admits, and says that besides bashing through mudholes back home on her four-wheelers, shopping is "the only hobby I have!" Once you get a load of Tristyn Kennedy, she may be the only hobby you have. You definitely won't be able to find better, no matter how much you shop around!

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