Pressley Carter

Pressley Carter's details

  • February 10, 1992
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 99lb
  • 5'3"
  • 32B-24-28


Pressley Carter just can't keep her pretty mouth shut, and that's exactly what her adoring fans love about her. Recognized throughout the XXX community as the ultimate smack-talker, Pressley's packing a whole lot of sass in that tiny body of hers. Before this saucy nymph ever took off her clothes on camera, she was well known in the world of social media for her biting rants that addressed everything from sports to sex. Racy, edgy, and definitely controversial, Miss Carter's online antics earned her a league of devoted fans that would eventually follow her to the next phase of her career: porn! As soon as she hit the steamy screen, her blunt attitude made her a favorite in the adult industry, and it's that same crude way of speaking that would make her the badass star she is today!

When she's not running her mouth on the internet, Miss Carter is cheering on her favorite professional basketball team in her own special way. After the buzzer rings, this devious slut sneaks into the locker room to have her fill of the evening's MVP. An avid collector of scintillating sexcapades, Pressley is working her way through her favorite team, getting down and dirty with a new player every night, and even tapping a few all-stars along the way. This lusty lady takes being a groupie seriously, and her porn game has given her the notoriety she needs to get into any locker room she wants. The way she sees it, the more famous she becomes, the more basketball players she can bang, so clearly this fiery babe isn't in it for the money. She's in it for the glory!

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