Giselle Leon

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  • December 9, 1991
  • CA, USA
  • 116lb
  • 5'3"
  • 33B-24-36


An adventurous babe who lives life in the fast lane, if there's one thing Giselle Leon hates most it's being bored. In her own words: "I like to switch it up, or I'll get sick of whatever I'm doing really fast." And while she has no interest in getting tied down or leading a conventional life, the one thing Giselle could never grow tired of is dick, which is exactly what makes her such a perfect porn star!

Born and raised in a small town in southern California, this naughty knockout always dreamed of a life filled with excitement, far removed from the monotony of home. So much so, in fact, that as soon as she turned 18 Miss Leon began shooting pornos while still a high school senior! "I was just kind of bored with the typical 18-year-old life, having a minimum wage job and going to school and all that, so I just randomly decided to get into it," Giselle says. And as it turns out, this comely little cutie got really, really into it. Having discovered the perfect way to keep her dirty mind occupied, she's been living the pornographic dream ever since she got her start in 2010 and has since gained fame for her penchant for playing rough. With her sinfully submissive style, there's nothing hotter than watching Giselle beg her big-cocked co-stars to show her who's boss!

When she's not busy getting dicked down on screen, this petite and babely brunette can be found steaming things up at all the hottest clubs on the West Coast. And in keeping with her horny and restless tendencies, it's no surprise Giselle admits to having her fair share of one night stands! As she puts it: "I don't like having the same guy every single time." So if you find yourself fantasizing about being this promiscuous sex-kitten's dick of the day, don't miss Giselle Leon's scintellating scenes right here on Digital Playground!

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