Monica Santhiago

Monica Santhiago's details

  • March 31, 1975
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil, USA
  • 132lb
  • 5'3"
  • 33D-25-39


Monica Santhiago has one of the most legendary asses in porn. Irresistibly thick, beautifully bronze, and perfectly round, her popular posterior is the ideal ambassador from the bum-blessed nation of Brazil. Indeed, Monica is known for being a national treasure in her country, especially in her hometown of Porto Alegre, where she was born, raised, and molded into the international sexual superstar she is today.

Brought up in a conservative, religious home, Monica had to keep her urges in check, but they were forever bubbling just beneath her calm exterior. It was only after she began attending classes at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul - where she majored in Pedagogy and Psycho-pedagogy - that she truly began experimenting with her by-then insatiable sex drive. It didn't take long before her need of sultry action led her to start dancing at a local nightclub. There she was discovered by famed porn actor Don Picone, who championed Monica's significant assets and winning personality to industry insiders. Not even a year later, she was one of the biggest names in the biz.

Winning the Erotika Video Award for Best Anal Sex Scene and having been nominated for scores more - including an AVN for Best Foreign Actress - Monica has made her legacy in porn as permanent as the barbed wire tattoo that famously adorns her butt cheek, and just as sexy!


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