Indigo Augustine

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  • New-York, NY, USA
  • 105lb
  • 5'3"
  • 33C-24-35


Indigo Augustine's career in porn started with a bang. Literally! Crashing her car one fateful afternoon on the way to apply for a job in her native Long Island, Indigo had to undergo reconstructive surgery. But that was the least of her problems. Without a job and down a car, her prospects were all but nil. Luckily, her boyfriend at the time had an excellent idea. Suggesting (quite rightly) that she was as hot, if not hotter than most girls in porn, he floated the idea that she give it a shot. After some thought, Indigo said to herself, "Why not? I used to be a stripper and I'm a giant slut. So... why not?"

Since that fateful day, Indigo Augustine has become a pillar of modern pornography. With many award nominations and wins to her name, this tattooed tart is celebrated far and wide in the industry, not just for her ability to rock a cock (or several), but for her professionalism and fun-loving attitude both on set and off. Not only a fine purveyor of nookie, Indigo is also a smart cookie, having attended university for political science and anthropology and even pursuing a Master's degree in business. Of course, her pursuits are already varied within the professional world, having started her own consulting firm.

As you might expect, all of these endeavors keep Indigo very busy, and she admits to spending much of her free time catching up on lost sleep. When she does get the rare day off, this self-described pansexual stunner can be found reading sci-fi and high fantasy books, dorking out over Doctor Who reruns, or whipping up new culinary experiments in the kitchen. She even ran her own cooking club for a while! Her specialty, incidentally, is cheddar cheese soup with homemade Irish soda bread. But regardless of what Indigo Augustine is cooking up, be it in the breakfast nook or in the boudoir, it is guaranteed to be a very hot experience indeed!


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