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  • September 26, 1977
  • Alabama, USA
  • 117lb
  • 5'9"
  • 36D-25-36


What does it take to become the XRCO Orgasmic Oralist two years in a row? Kaylynn would say, "you've got to love what you do!" Known for giving some of the best blow jobs in the biz, this gorgeous gal sure loves getting sloppy, drooling and spitting 'til her makeup is running down her cheeks. She lives for the challenge of wrapping her pink lips around a long strong dong, and trying to see just how much of it she can fit in her mouth, because "the bigger the better" is this horny harlot’s motto. It wouldn't be a Kaylynn BJ without an epic POV shot that captures her cum-inducing eye contact, and we've got a few erotic examples of her work right here on Digital Playground.

Sure, her masterful fellatio talents got her foot in the door, but it's her flirty, outgoing, and playful personality that has kept the offers coming for more than fifteen years! She has a unique way of walking on set, breaking the ice with a little sarcasm, and disarming everyone's barriers, so that the cast is comfortable and ready to fuck. Some of the best scenes in DP's spank bank are all thanks to Kaylynn's grounded attitude, including some of our vintage classics like Sweet 101.

To stay in the game for as long as this lovely lady has, you've got to really enjoy fucking on film, and Kaylynn is no exception to that rule. Every morning she jumps out of bed with hard nipples and a wet pussy, ready to get plowed by some of the biggest cocks on the planet. Between the glitz, glamour, and nonstop orgasms, porn has been good to her, and she's sure been good to it, taking every film she's in from mediocrity to balls-to-the-walls, jaw-dropping, boner-inspiring XXX mayhem!


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