Jiz Lee

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  • October 30, 1980
  • USA
  • 100lb
  • 5'1"


Jiz Lee is a genderqueer porn star who is known for a unique androgynous look, female ejaculation, vaginal fisting, strap-on performance, and fun sex-positive attitude about sex. The award-winning performer, who prefers the pronouns "they/them" and is an advocate for diversity and sex-positive pornography with gender agency and ethical production. Jiz is a contributor to pornography anthologies, and has spoken at academic institutions such as Stanford and UC Berkeley on queer sexuality and their experiences in porn. With a background in web and arts management, Jiz runs the philanthropic porn experiment Karma Pervs, raising money through erotic images for the benefit of sex-positive, queer and kinky charity projects. Ever fascinated by the radical potential of sex, love, and art.

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