Donna Bell

Donna Bell's details

  • August 11, 1988
  • Romania
  • 106lb
  • 5'7"
  • 38B-27-38


Romania is a country renowned the world over for many things: its haunting historical attractions, its rich and abiding culture, and of course, the staggering beauty of its women. If anyone best exemplifies Romania's dedication to national hotness, it is definitely Eurobabe porn legend, Donna Bell. Putting the "ass" in ambassador, Donna is a truly exceptional representative of her people, having traveled the world for years and bringing her curvaceous cock-loving contours to every point on the globe, and rocking them all!

Indeed, many a man and woman across the globe have been tantalized by the queen of the Euro porn game, thanks to her hypnotic curves which come punctuated by those deliciously plump 38D tits and her infinitely rideable stacked ass. But this thick beautiful chick is more than just an arresting silhouette. As an avid globetrotter, Bella is one of porn's most cultured stars, with an expansive list of interests that include international historiography, world art and music, and the natural environment.

Along her many years of travels for the industry, she has made it her business to explore everything that each country has to offer, studying the landscape of their people with the same dedication that her legions of fans do her body. She is also an avid volunteer and advocate for international social justice. So sure, she has some of porn's biggest tits, but Donna Bell also has an equally attractive pair in a big heart and an open mind. That's what you call a total package.

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