Jordan Ash

Jordan Ash's details

  • May 27, 1978
  • FL, USA
  • 200lb
  • 6'3"


Though Jordan Ash might be a man of few words, his mind-blowingly big cock more than speaks for itself. Standing at 6'4 with a humble every-man appeal, he's the kind of gentle giant that petite starlets just love to climb on and ride. And with a towering stature like his, you can count on Jordan to take his leading ladies to new erotic heights!

Since making his pornographic debut back in 2005, ladies around the world have welcomed Ash's intimidating size and shy-guy appeal with arms and legs wide open. Initially the type to play the nerdy student or average joe professional, this colossal stud's years of sex-perience have helped him build up the cocky charisma needed to fulfill more assertive roles. And it's a good thing, too, because with a big muscly body and huge dick like his, there's nothing like seeing him dominate a hot and horny little lady. But being the generous soul he is, you can be sure this cunnilingus king always gets his pretty playmates soaking wet with desire first, which is probably why so many of the industry's top babes sing his praises!

Continuing to stay down to earth despite his ever-growing fame, Jordan's known for being one of those guys that dudes want to hang out with and chicks want to fuck. So it's no surprise, then, that this agreeable guy's regularly cast in double penetration scenes and gang bangs! To see this easy-going star fill frisky cutie's holes with his huge hard cock, check out his scenes right here on Digital Playground.

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