Marcus London

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  • January 15, 1967
  • London, England, UK
  • 176lb
  • 5'7"


It takes a certain level of both wisdom and ego to teach an online course on how to make a woman squirt, but when it comes to making chick's cum, Marcus London has no reason to doubt himself. A certifiable pussy whisperer, Marcus is confident he can make just about any woman climax and has the track record to back it up, including a world record for making women ejaculate (five women in 30 seconds!). "I can put my hand inside a woman and I can tell," says Marcus. "Like car mechanics looking under the hood of a car, I know what does what."

Named after his hometown of London, England, this smooth-talking British star first began harnessing his power for pleasing ladies as a male stripper. Working his way up to being a strip club manager, it wasn't long before his sculpted bod and handsome features caught the attention of an adult talent scout. Quickly transitioning from magazines to the big screen, this well-hung hunk soon discovered he was a natural in front of the camera and, more than anything, extremely eager to please. Since making his debut in 2005, Marcus's career has not only provided hundreds of boner-popping pornos for pervs everywhere, but has also been his own personal journey to becoming a world-class clit master. And after years of exploring the female body on screen, you can be sure that whether he's using his tongue, fingers, or impressively meaty dick, this sexual sage leaves his leading ladies soaked and satisfied like no other. His techniques are so advanced, in fact, that he's not only won 2 AVN Awards, but has also become an accomplished erotic director and even been nominated for his directorial efforts!

Always living life to the fullest, Marcus can be found enjoying the great outdoors when he's not making pornographic classics on set. A fan of everything from skiing, to fishing, to riding motorcycles, it's no wonder this guy's managed to stay so buff. So check out Marcus London's super hot sex scenes right here on Digital Playground, 'cause he doesn't call himself "the king of squirting" for nothin'!

Aliases : Marcus London

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