Chayse Evans

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  • August 2, 1986
  • Monterey, CA, USA
  • 121lb
  • 5'6"
  • 36B-25-37


When former United States Marine Chayse Evans was still in the corps, she did something ballsy and magnificent that will forever be remembered in marine folklore. It was a night like any other and Chayse was accompanying her platoon to the local strip club for another evening of drunken debauchery. But on this night, Chayse was feeling particularly horny and especially rowdy. So she flipped off her commander, got completely naked, and showed that dirty pole what Californian babes are made of! Her platoon sat there in awe as they watched Private Evans slide her pink pussy up and down that pole like a well-oiled piston. Almost dishonorably discharged the next day, Chayse felt no choice but to release from the corps.

Many would argue this was just a blessing in disguise, as Chayse learned a valuable life lesson: she wanted to become a stripper. She also discovered she held the uncanny ability to make an entire room of men bulging hard at the drop of her skirt. This was all Chayse Evans needed to know before flying out to Los Angeles to start stripping full-time. After working the pole for a while, Chayse realized stripping wasn't all she'd built it up to be - she needed more, she needed to get gangbanged. That's when she booked her first hardcore shoot!

To this day, Chayse has starred in over 150 dick-inflating scenes, and has filled all three holes so far past capacity it's a miracle she can still walk. One look at the four AVN award nominations hanging over Chayse's fireplace and you'll be damn sure this luscious vixen was never meant to be a lowly private. So saddle up gents, because Chayse Evans is getting ready to put on another one of her famous shows, and this time, there's no rules getting in the way!


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