Jon Jon

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  • April 30, 1981
  • San Diego, CA, USA
  • 160lb
  • 6'3"


The man whose name is so nice you repeat it twice Jon Jon is an award winning porn actor, director, and producer, who has accumulated an impressive 23 AVN Award nominations over the course of his legendary career. Born in San Diego, Jon Jon was working as a performer and backup dancer in Las Vegas when a few of his peers suggested he give porn a try. Jon Jon boogied his way into an audition, and that audition ended up being a full on threesome scene! Jon Jon rose to the occasion, busted a move, and found himself a new profession: male pornstar!

Jon Jon isn't shy on set, but that wasn't always the case in his real life. Believe it or not, Jon Jon lost his virginity in a threesome! That would be music to the ears of most perverts, but the pressure of being watched got to Jon Jon, who wasn't able to perform. That day changed the young man's life, and from then on he vowed if he ever had sex with another woman he would make sure it would was the best dicking she ever recieved. These days Jon Jon makes the world's hottest pornstars cream with his 9.5 inch long, 3 inch thick cock, and his smooth style drives the ladies wild!

Ironically, Jon Jon's AVN Award victories are all for group sex scenes. Jon Jon won the AVN group sex award in 2012, 2015, and 2016, and many women in the XXX industry sing his praises for his non-aggresive approach to penetrating tight pussies with his massive cock. A respectful stud, Jon Jon uses the rhythm he learned as a Vegas backup dancer to grind his big dick into sexy ladies, and will always have them screaming his name over and over again!

Aliases : Will Evans,Jon Jon,Mr. Brown

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