Kerry-Louise's details

  • April 26, 1983
  • Nottingham, UK
  • 130lb
  • 5'6"
  • 32FF-24-34


With a tattoo on her left bicep that says, "act like a princess, fuck like a slut," and some of the biggest, fakest titties in porn, is it any surprise Kerry-Louise has two AVN Awards? With the 2011 trophies for Best Group Sex Scene and Foreign Female Performer of the Year, Kerry is a certified sex star who will make your dick so hard you'll think you just downed a bottle of little blue pills.

Hailing from Nottingham, UK, Kerry has been getting her jumbo jugs re-enhanced every couple of years for nearly a decade. In and out of the titty doctor more often than most of us see the dentist, Kerry's cup size has evolved through half the alphabet, but no matter how big they get, it's still never enough! Take a look at her scene in "Titlicious 3," where she slathers those melons in enough spit to water a corn field, and you'll have a pretty good idea as to how much this hottie worships her own tits. After seeing her in action, it should be clear as to why this bodacious babe can't stop pumping those boobies up like an inflatable carnival ride.

Originally working in a bank, Kerry tossed all that boring shit aside and started glamour modeling in 2004. Getting hornier with every shoot, Kerry was putting her name in for hardcore movies by 2009, and has now starred in 100 scenes of pussy-pounding goodness. So if you're into big tittied babes with jet-black hair who moan so loud even your neighbors' neighbors will hear, then settle into that chair and crank the volume, 'cause Kerry is about to take you on a vagtastic voyage you'll never forget!

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