Larissa Dee

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  • August 28, 1987
  • Hungary
  • 114lb
  • 5'10"
  • 34B-25-37


With pitch black hair and hazel eyes, Larissa Dee looks like the kind of villainous femme fatale you’d see in an action movie: long-legged, lean, and always ready to take charge. Always willing to try anything once, Larissa pushes the envelope a little more with every scene. And with over 100 scenes under her tits, you can watch this belle's slutty evolution right here on Digital Playground!

Hailing from the babe factory that is Hungary, Larissa has been blessed with smoldering hot European genes and that exotic sluttiness that's only found across the pond. Bodacious and horny as they come, Larissa loves wrapping her juicy lips around a thick cock and only gets her rocks off when she's getting fucked by two at the same time!

Between her pencil-thin eyebrows and thick engorged lips, Larissa Dee has a beauty so unique you'll find yourself coming back to her time and time again. Enticing as she is mysterious, Larissa has a way of commanding men that just can't be explained. Whether it's her big fake titties or petite tight body, Larissa is one fine piece of ass!


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